Marcus Ortega | Creative Direction | Concept Development | Marketer

Current work…

Currently as Executive Director for Miami-Dade County Public Schools, School Choice & Parental Options, my current duties include but are not limited to, initiating, planning, organizing, administering, and supervising all activities and functions which are essential to the operation of a responsive and effective brand development and School Choice marketing plan. I am responsible for the planning, organization, and implementation of special projects; the production of school system publications; and the projection of a favorable image of Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS) to the news media and the public.



Advanced knowledge of art direction and management/supervision based from both the hands-on technical side as well as the client need-based side


Concept Development

Specialized in concept development and the ability to generate comprehensive strategies


Innovative Strategies

Expert in effectively generating targeted and innovative monetization strategies


Brand Development

Commanding understanding of brand development, brand equity growth and brand centered sales tactics


Experienced Professional

Over 20 self-motivated years of accomplished and compelling design tailored for specific market requirements


Institutional Knowledge

Clear understanding of public relations, communications and government-relations within our expanding global environment

Don’t just tell me, prove it…

GROWTH by Design

 A series of aggressive marketing campaigns have catapulted Miami-Dade County Public Schools’ Choice Programs to unprecedented growth. My challenge was to meet the expectations of the School District’s desire to advertise and promote the numerous new and existing programs. As a result of calculated and strategic planning, the School District witnessed continued growth and expansion of its Choice Programs.


Increase in Applications

Since the 2005-2006 school year Marcus Ortega and his team have initiated aggressive marketing strategies leading to a 127% increase in Magnet applications taking the enrollment of Magnet students in Miami-Dade from 31,761 to 72,194 in the 2019-2020 school year.

DEMAND-DRIVEN Growth of Choice Programs

A total of 388 Magnet and Choice programs have been added or enhanced between 2010-2019 and will continue to grow as marketing expands and interest in Choice Programs increases.






It all comes down to accomplishments…

The successful implantation of various growth-driven marketing strategies have greatly benefited the constituents of Miami-Dade County. I am proud of the accomplishments that my team and I have been able to achieve. Below are some highlights…

Results Driven Accomplishments:

Using feedback to achieve results

1. Consistent growth of FTE dollars acquired through successful recruitment and enrollment of charter school and out of county students. The 2019-2020 application drew 3391 charter school and 569 out of county students for potential FTE revenue of $29,742,253

2. Streamlining of procedures and systems for more effective and accurate reporting of the Magnet application process beginning with centralization of the Magnet application system in 2006, development of the on-line application system in 2008 and integrated marketing in 2010

3. Formulation, development and oversight of the MGI (Minority Isolation Group), a program developed to increase the socio-economic diversity of Magnet programs across identified schools with the intention increasing targeted outreach to under-served areas, thus providing the necessary means to promote enrollment of the identified target groups

4. Design and production of the M-DCPS “Opening of Schools” ceremony used to set the tone of the superintendent’s address to all school principals and district administration

5. Increased student achievement in FSA English/Language Arts and Mathematics scores at every grade level when compared to non-Magnet students

Engagement Driven Accomplishments:

Serving the stakeholders

1. Ground-breaking collaboration agreement with Cambridge International Examinations, part of the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom; the first major school district in the United States to build such a relationship

2. Development of the presentation of District materials for the prestigious Broad Prize of Education Award which as awarded to M-DCPS

3. Centralization and branding of all School Choice educational programs for effective and efficient community outreach

4. Introduction and rollout of the innovative, high-technology iPrep Academies at 13 M-DCPS schools. This endeavor required a new approach of ‘franchising’ the successful initial iPrep Academy model built at the School Board Administration Building

5. Record-breaking 302 Magnet Schools of America Merit Awards in 8 years; the highest-ranking school district for 8 years in a row

6. Extensive media relations with all major media outlets to promote Choice programs through online, television, radio and print channels

7. Successful hosting of the 34th annual Magnet Schools of America conference of over 1,500 educators from all over the United States

Sustainability Driven Accomplishments:

Focused on long-term goals

1. Recipient of $27.5 million dollars in grants to be utilized for the development, recruitment and operations of educational Magnet Programs at 5 school sites

2. Managing over 380 Magnet Programs, over 295 career academies, over 190 charter schools and numerous other Choice options

3. Grown School Choice enrollment from 144,080 in the 2012-2013 school year to 240,487 in the 2018-2019 school year; an increase of 96,407 more students enrolled in School Choice Programs in just six years

4. Recruitment and marketing training offered on an annual basis to 113 schools as an on-going effort to provide school principals and lead teachers effective and best practices as well as assisting in the planning of unique marketing campaigns for recruitment and student retention

5. Sustained growth of student applications for 11 years in a row; a process of calculated growth which started with 27,000 applications in 2007 and has exceeded 87,000 applications in the 2019-2020 school year

6. On-going annual presentation the superintendent’s M-DCPS initiatives and new product roll-out for the upcoming school year

Implementation Driven Accomplishments:

Development of programs and practices

1. Development of the VPREP Brand of virtual-based education District-wide

2. Marketing and launch of the first-ever District-managed charter schools

3. Development and presentation of marketing materials for the International Student Academy targeted to international students seeking to attend M-DCPS

4. Development and implementation of a District-wide initiative named, S.T.A.R.S. (School Targeted Assistive Recruitment System). S.T.A.R.S. is an on-line tool designed to assist schools identify student groups that may be under-served, and provide a process for target marketing to those groups for greater participation in the Magnet application process

5. Design and production of recruitment collateral for all new Magnet programs consisting of a school brochure, retractable display banners and direct-mailer postcards

6. Launch and recruitment through marketing of 385 new School Choice Programs since the 2010-2011 school year

7. Marketing and roll-out launch of Miami’s first-ever eco-conscience school, TERRA Environmental Research Institute

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